Over Heaven's Cliff

Endings and beginnings (Act 2 - Chapter 2)


Things to think about

Your characters are disembarking in a new land that you know very little about. Keep in mind that most of you are foreigners and the clothes, the food, mannerisms all look strange to you. The smell might be off-putting and the food might not be to your liking.

Think of your characters immediate short-term objective and a good place where you might all meet up. Next session will start in “Medias Res” again and depending where you are and what you choose to do, something different will happen.


Your departure from Gilead, went smoothly. Your skiff is lifted back onto the ship, Vermundur, a single mast vessel with a triangle sail at the rear. The ship is owned by Eydis Turgard, but captained by Freylyn Athelar.

Surur Yahudi spends all her time in her private cabin writing correspondences. She seems to have brought some paperwork with her.

The ship sailed at a slow pace. The captain seems disappointed with the weather, but he did not seem concerned.

After two weeks on the sea, you arrive at the port of Muir. The weather is a good, but a bit chilly. Around the port, you see over a dozen small fishing boats on the beach around the dock. Men and women are working on the beach and you see children playing as well. A stone wall surrounds the town ahead with an wooden extension leading up to the beach.

Two large wooden lookout towers overlook the small dock and manned with several archers. A flag ripples above each depicting a creature that looks like a fish with crab claws.

Post session

XP: 5 general + 3 solar


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